About me


     My name is Andres Lerma. I live in Los Angeles. I'm an Animator and Motion Graphic Designer because I like to design characters and backgrounds. I study principles of animation and I'm pushing myself to improve the quality of my artwork. I make short animated stories about my own unique characters and their cute lifestyles. I created my character, Toon Andres in 2017. Toon Andres is an American Hispanic boy who lives in Los Angeles California. I want to create a franchise about my character, and make posters, storybooks, and comic strips. In 2019, I made a cute little fiction doll named Toon Andres doll, he's a cute doll and likes to go on the adventure for life. Later in 2020, I created a Guatemalan fiction Quetzal bird named Quetzy after I been to Guatemala. Then, in 2021, I made an animated company that I add a quetzal symbol called Lerma Productions the small Hispanic American animation studio. Now Toon Andres is the leader of Lerma and votes Quetzy the best fiction quetzal bird character of Guatemala.

My Animated Characters

       Toon Andres is the first fiction boy in Angel City, California. He knows the rules and responsibilities like brushing his teeth, clean up the house and going to school. He is also the first leader of Lerma and creates his animated projects. Later, he been to Guatemala to meet his old family and signs the information to become the Guatemalan nationality at the Consulate of Guatemala. Toon Andres likes to make animations to create cute things and inspired himself. 


   Like all quetzal birds in Guatemala, Quetzy is a little fiction quetzal bird, who lives in Tikal Guatemala. He flies professional and become the warrior quetzal to fight enemies and save Guatemala. Quetzy will get a Quetzal element cross to help and protect him by getting in trouble and he will be brave to stay out of trouble. By the time, Quetzy has to eat a healthy bird food to be strong and fly faster as he could. 


     The timeline chart shows the history of Toon Andres what Andres was inspired himself.